Customer Care

Troubleshooting Guide

Below you will find a guide for things to remember if you are having trouble with your alarm system. Please refer to this guide before calling for service in order to avoid having unnecessary service.

  1. TEST YOUR SYSTEM MONTHLY. Always call the central station to place your account on test: 1-877-833-3897. Arm the system and wait for the delay time to finish. When the system shows armed, open a door or a window to make the siren ring. Shut off the alarm, wait one minute and call central station to see if the signals were received and to place account back in service.
  2. If the system rings or beeps, always try entering your user code on the keypad.
  3. Always look at the keypad to see what it says or what lights are lit in order to determine the problem. Follow the instructions on the keypad if any. Refer to your user manual to identify trouble conditions.
  4. If your keypad is showing a faulted zone, you should open and close the zone and clear the keypad. If the fault is still on the keypad, call for service.
  5. If your keypad shows a "comm failure" or a "telco fault," it means there might be a problem with your phone line. Run a test with central station (See # 1). You need to contact your phone service provider if signals do not go through. Always test your system when the phone technician is present when having phone work done.
  6. If your fire alarm goes into alarm, always look to see which detector has a solid red light before resetting with your code. This is the detector that rang off. We need this information for service.
  7. Carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 5 years. If they are beeping, they need to be replaced.
  8. Gas detectors should be replaced every 7 – 10 years.
  9. In the event of a power loss for an extended amount of time, please disconnect the battery in the main panel to stop keypad from beeping and conserve battery for future use.
  10. It is recommended the you have a service call annually to clean and test the fire alarm to prevent false alarms and ensure proper functions.

The Checkmate office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm. If you need emergency help after hours, there is an emergency number at the end of the recording. This number is strictly for emergencies.